• Whispers - new series

    The next installments of the Whispers series are under development!

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  • Spartacus - First Blood

    Fight other gladiators as Spartacus to earn your freedom!

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  • Flirty Franky

    Franky luckily got 3 blind date invitations from his Pacebook account! Go help him meet the hot chicks!

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  • My "Dear" Boss

    Have you ever wanted to kick your boss' butt? Now you can virtually kick some butt in this game! Read More
  • Minerva: Dual Destiny

    Our first game: A match-3 puzzle fighting game Read More
  • Cheating Exam!

    As a naughty student, you must cheat on all subjects! Read More
  • Whispers Room 6

    A beautifully-polished game suitable for ghost-mystery Point & Click fans. Read More
  • Monstrosity: Nightcrawler Menace

    A unique shooter game well done with long lasting gameplay, deep storyline, extreme bosses and high quality graphics and music. Coming Soon!

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An image worth a thousand words. We believe that in order to really enjoy games, the presentation upon the players' eyes must be exceptional.

Ease to use

World Class

We use the international standard to measure our own product, thus our players may rest assured the games we created are of world class quality.


Time Oriented

At Origaming, we create games on a tight schedule and we always strive to deliver the best product on time.

Origaming Media produces High-Quality Premium games


We believe that in reaching success in everything we do, to have passion is a must. That's why our company consists of a fine select of hand picked talents who are passionate about games.

About Us


Our latest game: Monstrosity says it all. It is not only visually better looking than our past creations, the latest version also brings more challenging and addictive gameplay.

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Quality is always our top priority. Maintaining a certain level of quality (which our standard is obviously high) is much easier said than done, but it's necessary, even to the smallest detail.

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Origaming Media is exploring new ideas everyday and producing at least a new game each month. The position below is always reserved for previewing our must recent works so visitors like you would get the idea what kind of game that we have just developed.

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Spartacus - First Blood

Flirty Franky


So do we! My "Dear" Boss and Monstrosity: Nightcrawler Menace are about to be released very soon; to make sure you don't miss the launching, follow us on facebook and twitter so you always get updated!

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Quick News

  • Cheating Exam! was released on February 2011 ago and is now freely playable all over the internet.

  • Whispers: Room 6 was published on March 2011, quickly becoming a popular title on its release!

  • Coming Soon! Monstrosity: Nightcrawler Menace on your favorite game portals!

  • Coming Soon! Our first downloadable casual game!

Quick Profile

  • Origaming Media has developed 5 games (and counting) since its start.
    (As of April 24, 2011)
  • We have open positions available at our main office.
    (As of April 24, 2011)
  • We are ready to help you create creative creations! Please see our services section.
    (As of April 24, 2011)